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Jazzfest Berlin Radio Edition

Rainer Böhm Sextett

Pre-recorded in Freiburg (SWR2)

German pianist Rainer Böhm has made a knack for sympathetic collaboration something of a calling card over the last two decades. At Jazzfest Berlin 2021, he presents a sextet built upon the essential feedback of each group member.

Rainer Böhm

Rainer Böhm

© Gerhard Richter

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ca. 60 min

Rainer Böhm Sextett

Pianist Rainer Böhm is a ubiquitous presence in German jazz, an inveterate collaborator capable of maintaining his individuality while adapting his work to the needs of radically different contexts. Of his numerous partnerships, perhaps none has been more fruitful than his membership in the trio led by bassist Dieter Ilg, but over the last two decades, he has contributed to more than 60 albums. He is particularly fond of duo sessions, including his recent collaboration with saxophonist Johannes Enders “Kokoro”, where his versatility shines. Böhm has routinely enfolded his deep love for classical music into his playing – his 2018 solo album “hýdōr”, for example, is packed with cadences that stretch back centuries, with a refined touch that can thrive in the most fragile of settings. One of his recent obsessions has been the polyrhythms and harmonic language in the music of Olivier Messiaen. For this special Jazzfest Berlin performance, he leads a sextet with some of his closest collaborators, including musicians from Cologne – where he lives between commutes to teaching gigs in Mannheim and Nuremberg – and he promises that this talented cast are not mere sidemen, but creative partners sharing a common pursuit.

Rainer Böhm piano
Percy Pursglove trumpet
Wanja Slavin alto saxophone
Domenic Landolf tenor saxophone
Arne Huber bass
Jonas Burgwinkel drums

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