Ståle Storløkken

“Ghost Caravan”

One of Norway’s most influential and musically elusive figures presents a concert of improvisations on the organ of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, echoing the elliptical, ever-shifting moods and tones captured on his haunting 2021 solo album “Ghost Caravan”.

Ståle Storløkken

Ståle Storløkken

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Live concert in Berlin / ca. 60 min

Ståle Storløkken: “Ghost Caravan”

Norwegian keyboardist Ståle Storløkken has deservedly built a sterling reputation as an invaluable, deeply versatile collaborator devoted to bringing whatever any project requires. While known best as a founding member of the peripatetic improvising ensemble Supersilent and for bringing sonic heft and timbral variety to the thunderous jazz-rock of the collective Elephant9, over the years he has enhanced a disparate list of creative partners, including legendary guitarist Terje Rypdal, avant-garde accordionist Frode Haltli, and the indie rock band Motorpsycho. In 2019, he released his first solo record “The Haze of Sleeplessness”, a maximalist symphony of vintage and modern keyboards. His latest album pares things down to nothing more than pipes and air. “Ghost Caravan” is a collection of improvised pipe organ works recorded in the Steinkjer Church that digs into the full sonic range of the instrument, moving between the faintest, most aerated machine-like puffs, upper register calliope-like tootles, creepy horror-show melodies, locomotive stabs, and more. The music eschews church organ conventions, and even when a resonant chord rings out, it is not long before Storløkken injects some kind of sonic tension or otherworldly noise to push the listener somewhere else. At the same time, Storløkken is unabashedly using the instrument to explore the space housing the organ, as he will do within the magnificent Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Ståle Storløkken organ