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Jazzfest Berlin Radio Edition

Luise Volkmann & Elisabeth Coudoux

Pre-recorded in Cologne (WDR3)

Two of Germany’s most exciting chance-takers and dedicated improvisers tangle in a first-time collaboration that extends beyond spontaneous sound making into the act of video production, synesthesia and body movement.

Luise Volkmann & Elisabeth Coudoux

Luise Volkmann & Elisabeth Coudoux

© Luise Volkmann & Elisabeth Coudoux

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Recording from Cologne (WDR3) / ca. 60 min

Luise Volkmann & Elisabeth Coudoux

This first-time collaboration between two of Germany’s strongest improvisers promises something truly special. Saxophonist Luise Volkmann and cellist Elisabeth Coudoux are both dedicated explorers who love risk-taking, so it is no surprise that they will do more than simply play a duo concert. The musicians involved themselves in the video production of this multi-media endeavor, considering how colorfully saturated images can interact with their spontaneous music making. They also aimed to inject the improvisation with the twin pillars of experimentation and fun, keeping light on their proverbial feet and bringing a concrete performative element to the set by incorporating the movement of their bodies while playing. Knowing how broad and varied each of their sonic palettes are, this promises to be much bigger and more exciting than the mere sum of its ingredients, with radically varied tempos and a desire to get lost in the poetry of their spur-of-the-moment machinations.

Luise Volkmann saxophone
Elisabeth Coudoux violoncello

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