Send Nudis. Nudibranch Encounters for Socially Awkward Times

With Hang Linton and Laura Lulika

During this performative visualisation experience, Hang Linton and Laura Lulika offer tools and guidance to create a new imaginary friend who could be called upon in times of social awkwardness and isolation. Participants are invited to move or lie comfortably in the space, accompanied by visuals and live ambient sound to become fully immersed in a new caring encounter.

Ámà: 4 Days on Caring, Repairing and Healing
  • In English; Speech-to-text

Past Dates

There’s a variety of seating available in the workshop space. It is possible to take breaks when needed.

Nudibranchs, also known as sea slugs or sea bunnies, are a group of soft-bodied hermaphrodite molluscs, of which there are around 3,000 species. They mate, breathe and eat in unique ways. This performative visualisation experience invites the audience to discover their inner nudibranch as a way of exploring an unconventional method of care. New perspectives on the body and identity are suggested by asking people to think and fantasise about inhabiting different kinds of bodies.

Participants are invited to bring a small comforting item from home, which will be referenced during the visualisation.

Hang Linton and Laura Lulika are a working-class queer artist duo focusing on socially engaged community arts. Their practice explores unconventional methods of care based on their own interdependent relationship and experiences of Access Intimacy.

Hang Linton is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist from South East London. Linton’s work is a rebellion against clean aesthetics and working underneath capitalist structures which demand high output.

Laura Lulika is a chronically sick and disabled artist whose work is driven by the rhythms, movement and rituals within daily activity, looking at accessibility from various perspectives. Lulika is an initiating member of the collective Sickness Affinity Group.