Healing the City. Know-How Transfer From the Global South

With Mandu dos Santos Pinto, Andreas Lechthaler and Diana Mammana

Mandu dos Santos Pinto presents projects on sustainable design and development in some of Africa’s metropolises. An interactive workshop follows, in which dos Santos Pinto discusses with Andreas Lechthaler, Diana Mammana and participants how such knowledge is transferable to the Gropius Bau’s immediate neighbourhood.

Ámà: 4 Days on Caring, Repairing and Healing
  • In German

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Most metropolises in Africa have been significantly shaped by two factors: the effects of colonial history, which have resulted in social inequality, and climate change. Cities are often kept alive by the informal activities of poor people in urban areas, providing jobs and food. Working on projects in collaboration with local residents – the experts – Mandu dos Santos Pinto initiates the transformation and healing processes of urban districts. He presents a range of projects, after which there is an interactive workshop and discussion about sustainable strategies for the Gropius Bau’s immediate neighbourhood. The discussion includes Diana Mammana, lead of the Gropius Bau’s Community Projects, and architect Andreas Lechthaler, who has been involved in the Gropius Bau’s programme and transformation towards sustainability since 2017.

Mandu dos Santos Pinto is an architect and urban planner who develops projects and sustainable solutions for cities of the Global South. He currently leads an innovative mobility project in Dakar, EcoCar Solaire, which aims to transform up to 20 percent of air-polluting vehicles into solar-powered public transport.

Andreas Lechthaler is the director of Andreas Lechthaler Architecture, a multi-disciplinary studio specialising in art led exhibitions and permanent projects, within museums and galleries as well as in public space. This work involves the transformation of spaces and working practices with the aim of developing a more inclusive and sustainable environment.

Diana Mammana is a cultural scientist and lead of the Gropius Bau’s Community Projects focusing on encounters with actors of social initiatives and organisations in the immediate surroundings of the Gropius Bau.