Approaches to Health and Healing

With Casa Kuà

This panel discussion brings together members of Casa Kuà, a Kreuzberg-based trans* and non-binary BIPoC Health Center not far from the Gropius Bau, to introduce their holistic approach to health and healing.

Ámà: 4 Days on Caring, Repairing and Healing
  • In English; Speech-to-text

Past Dates

Members of Casa Kuà, a community-based trans* and non-binary BIPoC health centre in Kreuzberg, share their approaches to health and healing in a panel discussion moderated by Zoya. Trans* and non-binary BIPoC are systematically denied access to institutional structures and resources. Casa Kuà discusses this reality, alongside strategies for how to nurture, build strong networks and self-organise for marginalised peoples. They support communities through solidarity and empowerment. As such, the panel envisions decolonial approaches to care and collectivity that go beyond capitalist, white-supremacist ideas of individualised health.

Marlize Andre is a feminist, Black, Transgender political activist with a focus on trans* rights, BIPoCs rights and African Culture, she's a student and a woman who grew up in Kenya and South Africa.

Alex is an indigenous, mixed heritage two spirit person. He is a community organiser, including a founding member of Casa Kuà and part of the TransFormations – Trans* Film Festival Berlin. She's an art worker and a child of political refugees.

Tzoa is a gender non-conforming PoC of mixed heritage, a founding member of Casa Kuà, a community organiser and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Zoya (moderator) is a translator, curator and educator based in Berlin. They have been involved in community organising, in different places and contexts, over the last 20 years, including TransFormations – Trans* Film Festival Berlin, CACA (Care, Accountability, Conflict & Awareness) and the Casa Kuà Library.