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Open Bau

Part of Gropius Bau Education Assembly

To care is to open up, be it hearts, minds or doors. Open Bau welcomes you to take a “backstage” tour of the Gropius Bau, meeting different groups of people while encountering a variety of educational projects.

Education Assembly Open Bau

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  • 90 min
  • German

Past Dates

The visit is offered as a guided tour of the Gropius Bau’s education spaces, opening up different perspectives on art education.

Greeted by our Welcome Team we start at the South Entrance, the main entrance during the period of German separation. We continue to the Children’s Studio with a prequel to the exhibition project Kids Curate_Takeover and sensorial samples by our collaborator  Ephra. The visit includes contributions by the Young Gropius Bau as well as the intercultural dance collective Grupo Oito. The tour further features a sound work by Catriona Shaw and Frèd Bigot. We meet the Gropius Bau Friends, the team of educators usually present in the exhibitions. More “Remote Voices'' by artists, educators and curators can be heard in the online section of Open Bau. The visit concludes with a colloquial conversation with members from local Community Projects.

With Open Bau we explore ways of opening up spaces for different perspectives on art and/as education. How have these practices developed – and how may they continue to shift?

Open Bau is co-convened by Henry Ward with Julia Moritz and Jenny Sréter and is part of the long-term project Gropius Bau Education Assembly.


Gropius Bau Welcome Team is the staff greeting and orienting visitors at the building's entrances.

Kids Curate_Takeover is an on-going cooperation with the Stiftung Brandenburger Tor which enables primary school classes to independently curate art exhibitions at the Gropius Bau.

Ephra works with schools, art venues and artists to explore new approaches to art education and sows seeds for young people to develop their own bonds with art.

Young Gropius Bau are people between 16 and 21 years old who aim at building bridges between young people and the institution.

Gropius Bau Giving Space was a three-year-long project responding to the demand for spaces for educational practice through long-term collaborations with the local artists Catriona Shaw & Fréd Bigot (2019/20) and Grupo Oito (2020/21).

Gropius Bau Friends are people who are present in our exhibitions several days a week to help visitors with any questions.

The Gropius Bau’s Community Projects create moments of exchange with social initiatives and organisations in the immediate surrounding of the institution.

Henry Ward is an artist, writer and educator and currently the Creative Director for Freelands Foundation in London.

Julia Moritz is an art historian and currently Education Curator at Gropius Bau.

Jenny Sréter is a literary scholar and currently Education Curator at Gropius Bau.