Revolverkino at the Gropius Bau


With “Norma Rae” by Martin Ritt

Inspired by the exhibition The Cool and the Cold, where mirror reflections and parallels in the fine art of the USA and USSR play such an important part, Revolverkino at Gropius Bau adds complementarity and complexity to the big picture with three surprising pairs of films.

Film still from “Norma Rae”

Film still from “Norma Rae”

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Norma Rae (Martin Ritt, USA 1979), original version, 19:00

Norma Rae is Ritt’s attempt to combine the American narrative (“You can make it if you really want”) with the case for trade unions, or even for socialism. He manages this feat because Sally Field as “Norma” outgrows the text-book character in the script: stubborn, eager for life, driven by solidarity, she calls out power in her Southern-state small town, where everyone works at the textile mill, downtrodden from cradle to grave. When a trade union activist from New York shows a way to break the feudal chains, Norma awakens as a political animal. And fights.

The 2G+ rule applies. For your own protection and out of respect for other visitors, we recommend wearing a medical or FFP2 mask in the building and when not on your seat. The relevant certificates will be checked at the door.