Revolverkino at the Gropius Bau


With “Little Vera” by Vasili Pichul

Inspired by the exhibition The Cool and the Cold, where mirror reflections and parallels in the fine art of the USA and USSR play such an important part, Revolverkino at Gropius Bau adds complementarity and complexity to the big picture with three surprising pairs of films.

Film still from “Little Vera”

Film still from “Little Vera”

© Gorky Film Studios

  • German version

Past Dates

Little Vera (Маленькая Вера, Vasili Pichul, USSR 1988), German version, 21:30

The trouble begins with a one-dollar bill. Vera’s parents find it among her things – and they are worried. Vera (Natalya Irena Nagoya) wants to live and love differently from her parents and her “model” brother. She does not want to wait and behave herself, but dresses like Western pop stars and acts accordingly. Even if the old values are falling apart in the latter-day Soviet Union, does that mean that now anything goes? Vera wants to find out – with tragic consequences. The film caused an uproar and was a huge success in 1988; more than 45 million people saw it in Russian cinemas.

The 2G+ rule applies. For your own protection and out of respect for other visitors, we recommend wearing a medical or FFP2 mask in the building and when not on your seat. The relevant certificates will be checked at the door.