The 10 Selected Productions

Cleansed / Crave / 4.48 Psychosis

By Sarah Kane
German translation by
Elisabeth Plessen, Nils Tabert and Peter Zadek (Cleansed)
Marius von Mayenburg (Crave)
Durs Grünbein (4.48 Psychosis)
Münchner Kammerspiele

Premiere 21 January 2012

Childish, witty, beautiful – these are not the qualities immediately associated with the tortured and bloody, angrily jagged and deadly sad plays of Sarah Kane, the painful icon of modern playwriting. Thirteen years after her suicide, Johan Simons risks a remarkable new arrangement.

Cleansed / Crave / 4.48 Psychosis. Marc Benjamin, Sylvana Krappatsch

© Julian Röder

  • 3h 30, one interval
  • With English surtitles

Past Dates

Public discussion 5th May 2012, 22:45
Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Kubus
Moderation Barbara Burckhardt

He places the amputations and excesses of ‘Cleansed’ in the snip snip Shockheaded Peter costumes of an infantile therapy group, whose innocent cruelty shakes our view of humanity more fundamentally than the 90s dystopia of terror clinics and rats in gutters. He conducts the quartet of memorized fragments of lost identities ‘Crave’ into a stupendous concert of language, which reveals Kane to be a subtle creator of situation comedy. And he ennobles the suicidal fevered dream ‘4.48 Psychosis’ into an elegiac solo symphony with chamber sextet, where the lyrical ego – personified by the brilliant actors Thomas Schmauser and Sandra Hüller – recapitulates works and fears utterly without sentiment until all viable distinction between patient and therapist fall apart. Victims, perpetrators, spectators – Kane’s trio seduces the audience entirely afresh in Johan Simons’ trilogy. He frees the writer from her suffering – retrospectively.

Directed by Johan Simons
Set design Eva Veronica Born
Costume design Teresa Vergho
Lighting design Wolfgang Göbbel
Video Nicolas Hemmelmann
Music Carl Oesterhelt
Dramaturgy Koen Techelet / Jeroen Versteele

Graham Marc Benjamin
Tinker Annette Paulmann
Carl Stefan Merki
Rod Stefan Hunstein
Grace Sylvana Krappatsch
Robin Thomas Schmauser
Woman Sandra Hüller

C Sandra Hüller
M Sylvana Krappatsch
B Marc Benjamin
A Stefan Hunstein

4.48 Psychosis:
Sandra Hüller
Thomas Schmauser
Stefan Merki
Annette Paulmann

Gertrud Schilde violin I
Joerg Widmoser violin II
Nancy Sullivan viola
Jost-H. Hecker violoncello
Juan Sebastian Ruiz double bass
Sachiko Hara piano

The song between “Cleansed” and “Crave” is “A Day in the Life” by The Beatles