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Enno Poppe, conductor
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Mysterious musical instruments over 2,000 years old discovered in the mausoleum of a Chinese margrave provide the starting point for Liza Lim’s “Machine for Contacting the Dead”, which is presented by Enno Poppe with Ensemblekollektiv Berlin. An exploration that is preceded by works from Iannis Xenakis and Clara Iannotta.

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Past Dates

Instead of an introduction:
16:10, Exhibition Foyer of the Chamber Music Hall
Book Launch
Tim Rutherford-Johnson, author of the book "“The Music of Liza Lim”, in conversation with Leonie Reineke, SWR editor for New Music, in the presence of the composer.
“The Music of Liza Lim” by Tim Rutherford-Johnson will be published on 12 September in the “Australian Composers series” by Wildbird Music Pty Ltd, ISBN 978-0-9875145-4-7.

Programme booklet Ensemblekollektiv Berlin 11.9.2022 (, 2.7 MB)

There are musical instruments whose sound has been lost for a long time. Deeply moved by the over 2,000-year-old instruments in the grave of Chinese margrave Yi of Zeng, that was discovered in Hubei prince in 1977, Liza Lim has explored these mysterious findings and formulated messages in sound: hypothetical, fantastic, experimental, but never intending to reconstruct the music, the sound of this sensational discovery. The Australian has constructed her ensemble music like a magical machine that seeks contact with the other side. Her message is delivered by a contemporary, western formation. The large cast of Ensemblekollektiv Berlin performs the musical-archaeological speculations of the composer who has been invited to the Spree as a Fellow of the Berliner Wissenschaftskolleg and whose work can also be heard at Musikfest Berlin in the form of a new String Quartet. In her fascination with relics of the past, Liza Lim is by no means alone in this concert. For Iannis Xenakis, ancient Greece represented a half-real, half-imaginary place of longing. With “Jalons”, he leads us into worlds in which there is nothing greater than the joys, cares and needs of the individual. Here Clara Ianotta also feels an affinity with him: “a stir among the stars, a making way” creates a surreal cosmos that is secretly centred around the electric guitar.

Concert Programme

Clara Iannotta (*1983)
a stir among the stars, a making way
for large ensemble (2019/20)

Iannis Xenakis (1922 – 2001)
for ensemble (1986)

Liza Lim (*1966)
Machine for Contacting the Dead
for 27 musicians (1999/2000)
German Premiere

A Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin event.
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