JuGroBa x Dayanita Singh: Dancing with my Camera

What happens when you dance with a camera? This two-part workshop explores the current exhibition Dayanita Singh: Dancing with my Camera. We will learn about her approach to photography and exhibiting and create our own photo-displays.

Photo: Marcus Fabian

  • 3 h
  • In German
  • 15 to 20 years

Past Dates

The number of participants is limited.

Music and dance surround many young people every day, whether whilst partying or unwinding after school. But what happens when you start dancing with a camera? Dayanita Singh explores just that at the Gropius Bau in her exhibition Dancing with my Camera. Singh’s art always begins and ends with a physical experience. We want to explore this approach to photography in a two-part workshop by young people for young people. In the first part on Sunday, 20 March, we will discover the exhibition with our cameras. Two weeks later, we will look at the printed results, discuss them and arrange them in the workshop room or as our own little art book. Free admission, simply register via the Instagram channel  @jungergropiusbau by direct message.