Staged Reading

AirSpace or In the Next Century

By Eric Marlin (USA)

Eric Marlin’s text digs deep into the bowels of global corporations, revealing an only seemingly absurd subject.

Eric Marlin

Eric Marlin

© Jon Wes

  • Ca. 1 h 30 min, no interval
  • In English

Past Dates

In Eric Marlin’s absurd tragicomedy “AirSpace or In the Next Century”, his protagonist Susannah travels to Romania where she takes up a new position as a consultant. More and more, the outside world merges with her office world and Susannah’s personal life can no longer be separated from her job. Over the course of the play, a Western, globalised and commercialised world is revealed, which keeps turning unpredictably and actually only revolves around itself. Marlin creates a virtuoso language and form that gradually distort the realistic setting established in the beginning.

Artistic Team

Sapir Heller Staged reading
Lena Wontorra Dramaturgy
Hannah Beeck Scenography

Amina Eisner, Sarah Franke, Anna Schumacher, Linda Vaher, Sebastian Weiss
Marvin Holley Music