Staged Reading


By ruth tang (Singapore / USA / New Zealand)

ruth tang’s whimsical text combines economics, animal welfare and love and unfolds countless layers.

ruth tang

ruth tang

© Nathaniel Johnson

  • Ca. 1 h, no interval
  • In English

Past Dates

In the world that ruth tang outlines in “FUTURE WIFE”, the only couple relationships left are between women and goats. The goats can be rescued by female workers at the abattoir just before they are slaughtered – as long as there is a spark of love between them. Activist aliens demand freedom for all animals, pirates ponder over a fair distribution of wealth and the choir of goats reads “Das Kapital” in their book club. tang’s bizarre comedy tackles processes of exploitation and oppression and tells us exactly what knives have to do with capitalism.

Artistic Team

Marie Schleef Staged reading
Hannah Schünemann Dramaturgy
Hannah Beeck Scenography
Lukas Darnstädt Sound design

Dimitri Cacouris, Cristián Lehmann Carrasco, Marie Schleef, Cameron Seglias, Çiğdem Teke, Zelal Yeşilyurt
Cameron Seglias Musical saw