Staged Reading

And I dreamt I was drowning

By Amanda Wilkin (England)

Amanda Wilkin’s precise and oppressive text tells the story of two fugitives and deals with themes such as love, disappointment and hopelessness.

Amanda Wilkin

Amanda Wilkin

© Helen Murray

  • Ca. 1 h, no interval
  • In English

Past Dates

Amanda Wilkin’s play “And I dreamt I was drowning” tells the story of Kiya and Daniel who are threatened by discrimination and oppression in their home country and desperately try to cross the water to get to Europe. Kiya would do anything to get there. Daniel would do anything to be with Kiya. If we have to lose ourselves to arrive in a better future, is the journey worth it? With “And I dreamt I was drowning”, Wilkin has created an intense text that brings up painful questions of our times.

Artistic Team

Kieran Joel Staged reading
Hannah Beeck Scenography
Fabian Schmidtlein Dramaturgy

Joana Adu-Gyamfi, Moses Leo, Alina Vimbai Strähler, Langston Uibel
Lenny Mockridge Music