Circle Hasu We plant seeds in the spring of mountains

By and with Aine Nakamura (Japan / Germany / USA)

Aine Nakamura combines movement, poetry and music in her performance, searching for boundary-crossing care, repair and memory.

Aine Nakamura

Aine Nakamura

© Takaaki Asai

  • Ca. 1 h, no interval
  • In English

Past Dates

“Circle hasu We plant seeds in the spring of the mountains” is a series of solo performances by Aine Nakamura. She develops a language of her own, using onomatopoetic descriptions to evoke the blending of cultural connections and constraints between Japan and the US that manifest in her person. With great concentration and dedication, she interweaves transnationality, experiences of discrimination and female physicality with the indomitable temporality and rhythm of nature.

Artistic Team

Aine Nakamura Text, direction, composition, costume design, production

Aine Nakamura