Opening Stückemarkt

In the opening talk, the Stückemarkt-jury will give an insight into their working and decision-making processes and describe the special qualities of the selected works.

Close-up of leaves on a red background


  • 1 h, no interval
  • In English

Past Dates

 Opening Speech Stückemarkt available as text in the Media Library

At Stückemarkt’s opening event, the jury will come together and look back at the selection process of this year’s Stückemarkt-edition. Which topics, aesthetics and (forms of) languages distinguished this year’s submissions? Do they suggest any inferences about the present and future of contemporary drama and performance art? The jury will also take a look at the selected works. Following the 2022 Stückemarkt-motto, they will discuss the following question: What is the future worth to “Bakice/Grannies”, “AirSpace or in the Next Century”, “Circle Hasu We plant seed in the spring of mountains”, “FUTURE WIFE” and “And I dreamt I was drowning”?


Olga Grjasnowa, Kevin Rittberger, Ogutu Muraya and Anna-Katharina Müller

Lili Hering Moderation