Award Ceremony

Closing Event Stückemarkt

With Awarding of the Stückemarkt Commission of Work

Past, present and future: The closing event of the Stückemarkt will look back on the last days and announce the winner of this year’s Stückemarkt Commission of Work.

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  • Ca. 1 h, without interval
  • In English

Past Dates

 Laudatory speech available as text in the Media Library

At the conclusion of Stückemarkt, we look back at the past days: Which of the invited artists’ topics are resonating? Which hopes and dreams are connected with contemporary drama and performance art?

Schauspiel Leipzig is Stückemarkt’s partner theatre for this year and will take the opportunity of this closing event to introduce itself as a future host. Acting company member Paulina Bittner and freelance choreograph and performer Hermann Heising will meet on the Stückemarkt-stage, where they will represent two possible variants of Schauspiel Leipzig in an impromptu performative intermezzo – before the winner*s of this year’s Stückemarkt-Commission will be announced.


Paulina Bittner Actor Schauspiel Leipzig
Thomas Frank Artistic director Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig
Hermann Heisig Choreograph and performer
Marleen Ilg Dramaturg Schauspiel Leipzig
Enrico Lübbe Artistic director Schauspiel Leipzig
Anna-Katharina Müller Head of Stückemarkt

And a greeting by
Thomas Krüger President Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb

The Stückemarkt Commission of Work is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb and includes the realisation of a new work at Schauspiel Leipzig.