Stones, lotus / Shape / Untitled

By and with Aine Nakamura (Japan / Germany / USA)

The main performance invited to the Stückemarkt by and with Aine Nakamura “Circle Hasu We plant seeds in the spring of the mountains” additionally includes several smaller performative works.

Aine Nakamura

Aine Nakamura

© Takaaki Asai

  • ca. 10–15 min
  • In English

Past Dates

In addition to the main performance “Circle Hasu We plant seeds in the spring of the mountains”, three smaller performances by and featuring Aine Nakamura and entitled “Circle: Stones, lotus”, “Circle: Shape” and “Circle: Untitled” will be presented at various locations in and around Haus der Berliner Festspiele. These performances are autonomous of the main work and not only define the intricacy of Aine Nakamura’s performance and the issues she addresses, but also create space to continue telling a story across their confines. “Circle: Stones, lotus”, “Circle: Shape” and “Circle: Untitled” embrace complexity and can also be read as an embrace of the main performance.

Artistic Team

Aine Nakamura Text, direction, composition, costume design, production

With Aine Nakamura