Family Workshop: Dayanita Singh

Part of the exhibition Dayanita Singh: Dancing with my Camera

Photographs tell stories. Each one individually, but many photographs above, below or next to each other even more. Depending on how they are arranged, they tell different stories. We collect pictures at the Gropius Bau: of us, of the exhibition and of the building. The result is your excursion archive. You can develop one or more stories from it and later arrange them in a leporello. This is how you get your own foldable and, most importantly, transportable Gropius Bau Museum.

Dayanita Singh, Dancing with my Camera – installation view, Museum Bhavan (2021)

Dayanita Singh: Dancing with my Camera, 2022, installation view, Museum Bhavan (2017)

© Gropius Bau, photo: Luca Girardini

  • 120 min
  • In German

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