Meet a Friend: Christopher-Felix Hahn in the exhibition “Beirut and the Golden Sixties: A Manifesto of Fragility”

from top left to bottom right: Erikas Montoya, Nesrine Ben Mansour, Cennet Alkan, Christopher-Felix Hahn, Petra Petrick, Veronika Zimmer, Zorica “Lola” Radivojevic-Llalloshi, Jens Dierkes, Vera Moré, Hans Youssuf Kiesler, Miriam Ewering (Gropius Bau Education), Umut Azad Akkel; missing in the picture: Danae Yolanda Diettrich, Şehnaz Layıkel Prange, Niusha Ramzani

photo: Laura Fiorio

Past Dates

The number of participants is limited.

The Gropius Bau Friends are on-site educators at Gropius Bau. They are present in the exhibitions several days a week, and are always available to help visitors with any questions. In the series Meet a Friend – premiering at Gallery Weekend Berlin – a Friend introduces themselves at their favourite place in the Gropius Bau. There they will be available for an afternoon to talk about a personally chosen topic and in different languages. The Friends are recognisable by black long-sleeved T-shirts with the print “Gropius Bau”.