Production / Live stream

hoffnung# dasdingmitfedern

With quotes from Emily Dickinson and Max Porter and with the ensemble’s own texts

Junges Ensemble RambaZamba Theater, Berlin

The group talks about light and dark dreams, but also about giving courage in difficult life situations.

On a stage on which there is a doorframe-like object, a young woman dressed in white stands holding the hand of a second young woman dressed in white, who is looking into an open box with her mouth open.


© Andi Weiland

  • 1 h, no interval

Past Dates

The production in the media library
until 31 December 2022 as a  video on demand

Artistic Team

By and with
Friederike Buttgereit, Jan Bührmann, Emma Jörgeling, Kunigunde Kuhl, Konstantin Kujat, Martha Flossmann, Clemens Frings, Lotte Latscha, Magnus Materson

Sandra Rasch Supervision
Kalle Karl Stage design, costumes
Fiona Beierle Educational assistance
Tom Kistner Sound recording / sound design
Jan Langebartels Light / Lighting design
Andreas Manninger Stage construction
Robert Fuhrmann, Hanno Kunow, Marcel Neudeck Video documentation
Andi Weiland Photos