Production / Live stream

Sex Education

stellwerk junges theater, Weimar

The production “Sex Education” by stellwerk junges theater explores the representation of youth and sexuality on stage.

A group of five young people stand in front of a cabin with white doors. With a serious to sceptical look, some raise their hands.

Sex Education

© Matthias Pick

  • 50 min, no interval

Past Dates

The production in the media library
until 31 December 2022 as a  video on demand

Artistic Team

By and with
Juri Höhne, Emma Rauch, Frida Rossi, Karol Schlaffke, Milla Ender und Roman Schlaffke

Lennard Walter, Thomas Schmale Artistic direction
Louisa Grote Educational assistance
Philipp Münnich, Jannik Strohm Stage management