Production / Live stream


Freely based on Euripides

Theaterkurs Heinrich-Mann-Gymnasium Cologne

In the play, Medea’s journey from the ancient tragedy by the poet Euripides becomes a contemporary migration story packed into a criminal case.

A young woman looks through a tear in a golden foil.


  • 1 h 15 min, no interval

Past Dates

The production in the media library
until 31 December 2022 as a  video on demand

Artistic Team

Kevin Ambrozy, Laura Bartella, Ceren Basar, Sophie Caspers, Ruben Chwilkowski, Destina Coskun, Isabel Goltsmann, Fashima Gourie, Rebecca King, Raphael Klein, Laurenz Krieger, Elin Koyuncu, Anna Makowski, Garij Maruntselu, Jendrik Mikus, Adrian Papazoglu, Jasmin Preuß, Daria Rottmann, Melissa Salvatierra Huaylla, Valeria Schafermann, Jana Schwenke, Sophie Stangl, Beatriz Tavares, Paula Vass, Haktan Yesilirmak

Evi Amon Theatre supervision
Donja Angaij Assistant director
Marcel Ullrich, Nils Ochmann, Niklas Betke Stage management