Lecture and Conversation

Rage Against the Thieving of Breath

Lecture Performance by Pallavi Paul, followed by a conversation with Natasha Ginwala

On 19 June, visual artist and film scholar Pallavi Paul will bring together her ongoing film research, followed by a dialogue with Associate Curator at Large, Natasha Ginwala.

Pallavi Paul, Pneuma (work in progress), 2021-ongoing

Pallavi Paul, Pneuma (work in progress), 2021–ongoing. Courtesy: the artist

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The breath poses a distinctive challenge to the very idea of image making. How does one produce an image for a life phenomena that is present but invisible? The chasm between sensation and representation becomes instantly perceptible. The unrepresentability of the breath swells further as it weaves across the biological, cultural and political body – simultaneously material and etheric. The split seconds of composing a breath cycle is also a splitting of the edges of cinema. These edges find themselves overexposed today in an explosion of mass produced visual fragments circulating feverishly on social media, medical aesthetics, cinematic memories, and the general urgency of documentation at a time of monumental loss.

This event is part of Breathe, a discourse programme that unfolds in echo to the upcoming exhibition On Caring, Repairing and Healing(working title, on view from 16 September 2022) and explores how different power relations impact our ability to breathe.

With thanks to Savvy Contemporary.

Pallavi Paul is a New Delhi and Berlin based visual artist and film scholar. Her practice interrogates how the idea of “truth” is produced and argued in public life. Paul is particularly interested in the tension between the document and its aesthetic utterance – the documentary. She has received her PhD in Film Studies from the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her work has been exhibited at Tate Modern, London (2013); AV Festival, New Castle (2018, 2016); Beirut Art Centre, Lebanon (2018); SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin (2019, 2022); Contour Biennale, Mechelen (2017); The Rubin Museum, New York (2019); New Alphabet School, HKW Berlin (2020); International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR, 2021); Colomboscope, Sri Lanka (2022) and Berlinale Forum Expanded (2022). In 2021, she was a visual arts fellow of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program.