Workshop Installation

Hardware Hacking

Workshop Installation

The workshop installation is available for up to 30 participants, who will build playable electronic musical instruments and alternative microphones. Financial contribution for material: € 25

Audiences welcome at any time.

Fri 23 March, 16:00
A Turn in the Shrubbery
Closing Performance

Past Dates

Assuming no technical background whatsoever, this workshop guides the participants through a series of sound-producing electronic construction projects, from making simple contact microphones, through »bending« toys, to making oscillators and other circuits from scratch. The curriculum is drawn from Handmade Electronic Music – The Art of Hardware Hacking. The workshop ends with a public performance/installation by the participants.

The topics covered include: alternate microphones (contact mikes, coil pickups, using speakers and headphone as microphones, tape heads, binaural mikes), homemade transducers for sending sound through objects for physical filtering, »Victorian synthesizer« (making an oscillator with just a speaker and a battery), »laying of hands« on a radio circuit board (the poor man’s crackle box), »Circuit Bending« (new noises from old toys) and circuits from scratch: oscillators, tremolo/gate/panner, mixers, preamp/distortion, pitch trackers, weird analogue signal processing, sequencers.

Nicolas Collins, conductor