Ears Listening to Feet: Alex Martinis Roe

Gathering as part of The Singing Project

Ears Listening to Feet is a series of gatherings curated by Ayumi Paul as part of The Singing Project. By inviting guests from a variety of fields of knowledge, she opens a process of learning from each other that aims to discover new patterns and rhythms between seemingly unrelated areas of research. Each gathering concludes with a sequence of vocal exercises and singing together.

Ayumi Paul, Artist in Residence Room, 2022

© Ayumi Paul, Foto: Laura Schmidt

  • 6 hours
  • In English
  • Adults

Past Dates

Please register by 1 July 2022 via email to .*

The full-day conversation, reading and workshop by Alex Martinis Roe and Paul will depart from Alex Martinis Roe´s recent project and publication To Become Two: Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice as a starting point to explore modes of collective practices in response to the moment. The act of gift-giving and vocalising together will be applied as tools for wiring new patterns of learning with each other.

Alex Martinis Roe current projects focus on feminist genealogies and seek to foster specific and productive relations between different generations, as a way of participating in the construction of feminist histories and futures.
This involves developing research and storytelling methodologies, which employ non-linear understandings of time, respond to the specific practices of different communities, experiment with the dispositives of discursive encounter, and imagine how these entanglements can inform new political practices.

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