Revolverkino at the Gropius Bau

Heal the Living

With “Seconds” by John Frankenheimer

Synchronised breathing in the dark of the cinema can have a therapeutic effect, and it is no coincidence that injury and healing – the miracle of regenerating bodies and souls – has been a central motif throughout cinematic history. This selection of six films, which borrows its title from the French film Réparer les vivants (Heal the Living), oscillates between these two opposing states.

Film still from “Seconds”

Film still from “Seconds”

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  • 107 min
  • English

Past Dates

Seconds (John Frankenheimer, USA 1966), English, 19:00

In Seconds, a weary and disillusioned millionaire decides to completely change his appearance by undergoing a risky operation. Waking up in hospital in the form of Rock Hudson, he begins his new life as an artist – but this soon turns out to be no less miserable.