Ana Prvački: Apis Gropius

An Augmented Reality Experience in the Atrium of the Gropius Bau

On 8 July, we will be celebrating the launch of Apis Gropius, a digital work by Ana Prvački. Meet the semi-fictional bee species Apis Gropius, which leads visitors on an immersive tour through the Gropius Bau’s atrium.

Ana Prvački, Apis Gropius, 2022, crafted by NEEEU

© Ana Prvački

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The semi-fictional bee species Apis Gropius moved into the ruins of Gropius Bau after the World War II bombing. Apis Gropius has been pollinating the architectural elements and motifs and has coevolved with the building ever since. The project explores forms of storytelling, merging scientific approaches with the poetic and speculative.

Apis Gropius is accessible via the newly developed Gropius Bau app. The app will be further developed over the coming months, serving as a complementary content hub for the Gropius Bau’s digital projects. The app will soon be available for download here or via the QR code on site. The experience takes around 20 minutes and is best heard with headphones.

Apis Gropius (Teaser)

Technical production and implementation: NEEEU