With Emil Storløkken Åse, Joachim Badenhorst, Sebastien Beliah, Evi Filippou, Maryana Golovchenko, Samuel Hall, Thomas Johansson, Sanem Kalfa, Olga Kozieł, Guro Kvåle, Beate Wiesinger, Kateryna Ziabliuk

Reviving a popular tradition from pre-pandemic times, this year Jazzfest Berlin will once again leave established concert venues behind and take the festival out into the neighbourhood. Along with the artists it will venture out into the local area with four short concerts devised by musicians from the festival programme in a bookshop, a gallery and a wine shop close to the Festspielhaus.


© Adam Janisch

Past Dates

Two entirely improvised 20-minute sets will be performed at each venue with the audience changing after one set.
Registrations are no longer possible.