JungeTanzCompany Uckermark / UMtanz e. V.
Mittenwalde (Brandenburg)

How can we reduce our waste and the high energy consumption in everyday life? The examination of resources and strategies such as zero waste, regeneration and plastic alternatives inspired the JungeTanzCompany Uckermark to create their piece “ZeroWaste”.



© Oliver Hohlfeld

  • 20 min

Past Dates

The production in the media library
Until 31 December 2022 as a  video on demand

Ha Anh (Emiliy) Do, Melody Raue, Emilia Ribbeck, Ole Rönnebeck, Maya Wokan, Anntheres Schmidt, Helene Schneider, Emma Schubert, Finja Schubert, Alma Seemann, Inga Thum, Line Thum

Yeri Anarika Artistic Direction
Daniel Drabeck Choreography
Cornelia Baumgart Project management
Sabrina Schmidt Project support