Slam Poetry and Spoken Word

Like dance, language has beat, rhythm and melody. It goes through the body and moves. Former winners of the Treffen junge Autor*innen will give an insight into their current works at a reading.

A stand microphone on a stage in front of a blurred background.

© Dave Großmann

  • 45 min

Past Dates

The event in the media library
Until 31 December 2022 as a  video on demand


Malak Aderounmu was born in Trier in 2003 and graduated from high school in 2022. She currently lives in Darmstadt with her family. She has won seven literary competitions and her texts have already been published in six anthologies.

Amalie Mbianda Njiki, born on 18 November 2002, lives (still) at Lake Constance, is a prize-winner of the 35th Treffen junger Autor*innen, won the THEO - Berlin-Brandenburg Prize for Young Literature 2021 as well as 2022 and is a scholarship holder of the "Werkstatt Prosa 2022" in Graz. She prefers to write prose and sometimes tries her hand at poetry without success. This year she will begin studying literary writing in Leipzig.

Sophie Schollek, born in 2001, lyrically negotiates private & political matters. Looks serious, but doesn't mean it. Went to school for a long time. Hasn't made it to the big city yet. Hopes. Likes: crossword puzzles. Spinach. Theatre(!). Crocheted things. Can't crochet. Is tough. Is soft. Believes in simultaneity. Won't stop writing anytime soon (sorry).