Workshop Concert Nahaufnahme

Clear the stage for the musicians of “Nahaufnahme” 2022! Following the Treffen junge Musik-Szene, this project provides selected former prize-winners with sustainable support in a multi-part workshop format and accompanies them on their way to professionalism. Parallel to the Tanztreffen der Jugend, they have also been working intensively on their respective works and will give the festival audience a sound sample of their current music at the workshop concert.

White chalk drawing on purple background of a disco ball and dancing people.

© Johannes Ambrosius

  • 60 min

Past Dates

LivLars, Loni Elle, Sophie Heuschkel and Marisa

The singer-songwriter "songsofsophie", born in Duisburg in 2005, writes profound ballads. Sophie Heuschkel has been releasing her rather melancholic songs, whose lyrics deal with serious topics, since she was fourteen years old. After several releases and the successful participation at Treffen junge Musik-Szene 2021, the young artist is now planning a concept album that addresses the issues of the LGBTQIA+ community. So far, she could be seen playing at the Rock-It! festival at the Bollwerk in Moers, at the Newcomer Festival at the Zakk in Düsseldorf, and at Open Mics within Germany as well as in Liverpool at the Cavern Club and in Boston at the David Recital Hall of the Berklee College of Music.

LivLars itches. The leaf blower starts. LivLars explodes! The band flies to pieces and sits down to rescue you from your soft sink. Punk x Pop x Hip Hop x Electro. Two very opposite front persons who want to disturb, touch and unite with their band. LivLars - that's Fredi Erdmann and Mali Liv Golda from Düsseldorf. Lukas Komnenovic is on bass and Femke Westeneng is currently on drums. Their lyrics are in English and German. They often conceptually illuminate the second face of things and situations. This is also how the name "LivLars" is composed. Each the "non-name" of Fredi and Mali. And with this second name, both also show a different side of themselves than in their solo projects. Together, the two are snotty, rebellious and extremely playful at the same time.

Loni Lipp (aka Loni Elle) sings and plays bass, piano, guitar and trumpet. With the band Basement 79, she has been playing on big stages since 2017, including at the CSD am Marienplatz, Theatron Musiksommer or Feierwerk. In recent months, she has been on the road a lot with her latest projects Barska and the Factory and the jazz duo Lipp und Graf Duo. At the same time, she is developing her solo project Loni Elle.

Marisa has been warbling to herself and running around the house with her toy guitar since she was a child. Not much has really changed: Today she is 22 years old and still sings to herself, but she now plays a real guitar. On the side, she tries her hand at putting her thoughts into lyrics and telling stories. She also likes photography and drawing and is interested in typography.