ARENA #7 - Space for spontaneous dance art!

nutrospektif invite you to a dance encounter with a playful, competitive character. Two dancers from each of this year's dance meetings of the youth ensembles will perform together in the ARENA: a place of unpredictability – a space for spontaneous dance art!

Arena #4 (Dance Battle)

Tanztreffen der Jugend 2018. Arena #4 (Dance Battle)

© Dave Großmann

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In different rounds, the teams are called upon to improvise on unknown music across genres, to reactively implement movement tasks, to spontaneously integrate props into their dance or to prove their creative abilities in different constellations. On this evening, courage, team play and openness are required of all participants. Who will let themselves in for the unpredictable? Together we can be witnesses of unique moments and individual forms of expression, unrepeatable and only to be experienced on this special evening. Are you ready for an exciting and experimental encounter of the ensembles? Afterwards we will rock the dance floor together at the DANCE PARTY with all dancers, ensembles & guests!

Daniela Rodriguez Romero, Bahar Gökten (nutrospektif) Concept
Christiana Angelescu alias Crystal Host
Ferdinand Feierabend DJ