Staged Reading

Jonas Jagow

By Michel Decar

Michel Decar

© Hans Goedecke

Past Dates

Jonas Jagow declares war on Berlin: the protagonist criss-crosses the city seething with anger, eats sweet-and-sour duck in Lichtenberg, drinks beer in the Gesundbrunnencenter shopping mall. Finally an asteroid hits Berlin. Using chronological and spatial jumps, quick cuts and quotes, an atmospheric depiction of the here and now between the past and the future is unravelled in this episodic drama. The text develops a momentum that is dizzying, nerve-wracking and confusing but above all a lot of fun.

Scenic arrangement by Friederike Heller
Dramaturgy Marion Hirte

Julischka Eichel, Lisa Hrdina, Michael Schweighöfer, Patrick Wengenroth and Sebastian Zimmler