Staged Reading

Ciała obce – Foreign Bodies

By Julia Holewińska
German translation from the Polish by Bernhard Hartmann

Julia Holewińska

© Tomasz Szerszen

Past Dates

During the Solidarność movement of the 1980s, Adam and his friends fight for freedom of expression and against personal oppression. Years later, in the Poland of today, Eva is excluded and discriminated against because of her transsexuality. Told episodically, the two stories present two sides of one life. Holewińska’s powerful dramaturgy reveals the painful chasm between individual self-development and political circumstances.

Scenic arrangement by Anna Bergmann
Dramaturgy Marcel Luxinger
Costumes Claudia González Espíndola
Music Heiko Schnurpel

Matthias Bundschuh, Johann Jürgens, Sina Kießling, Felix Kramer, Kathleen Morgeneyer and Jana Schulz