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Śmierć Kalibana – Caliban’s Death

By Magdalena Fertacz
German translation from the Polnish by Andreas Volk

Magdalena Fertacz


Past Dates

In her satire ‘Śmierć Kalibana’, Magdalena Fertacz imagines the privatisation of immigration and unmasks the cynical views of Eurocentric benefactors. The audience is witness to a perfidious artistic experiment: in an aid agency competition a prize is given to the best slum dwelling, and the winner is allowed to emigrate – a modern version of the slave market. In an interactive performance broadcast online, the immigrant competes in the final round with a Polish heart-disease sufferer. In the process, the two competitors not only lose their most important body parts but also their human dignity.

Scenic arrangement by Dominic Friedel
Dramaturgy Andrea Koschwitz

Para Kiala, Sven Lehmann, Maximilian Löwenstein, Abak Safaei-Rad, Katharina Schmalenberg, Max Simonischek, Gunnar Teuber