YOYI! Care, Repair, Heal

Selfsense – Regenerative Body-Mind Practice

Interactive Movement and Breathing with Dmitry Paranyushkin

In this series of physical practice sessions, participants will explore regenerative capacities of movement and breathing. Using the eightOS artificial intelligence, they will trace the level of variability and adaptivity in their movements. This dynamic experience engages the body, mind and technology in order to subvert and repurpose surveillance techniques.

This event is part of Breathe, a discourse programme that unfolds in echo to the exhibition YOYI! Care, Repair, Heal and explores how different power relations impact our ability to breathe. The programme is curated by Magnus Elias Rosengarten.

eightOS, Selfsense – Regenerative Body-Mind Practice

Selfsense – Regenerative Body-Mind Practice

photo: Circadian, Volya Medvedew

Past Dates

Session #1: resilience and fluidity
Session #2: breathing as a recovery tool
Session #3: endurance and pain regeneration