Listening session
YOYI! Care, Repair, Heal

Intimate Connections: Musical Explorations of Rest and the Inner Self

With Vera Dvale, Ross Alexander and Bitsy Knox

Bitsy Knox, Ross Alexander and Vera Dvale are part of the radio show Intimate Connections, produced in collaboration with the Berlin-based community radio Cashmere Radio and presented in the Resonance Room as part of the exhibition YOYI! Care, Repair, Heal. One afternoon long, they will fill the Gropius Bau’s atrium with sounds.

© Kopierwerkstatt Cashmere Radio

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Bitsy Knox will build a soundscape with live geophonic recording of Gropius Bau´s vibrations. The atrium will become a wandering mind. Vera Dvale will be weaving together a series of segments of sounds that reflect selected places and moods. She exercises a sonic dialogue that entangle in the ecologies of the intimate. Like an open-ended thread, her sound piece reflects an intuitive response to the interdependence between humans and plants. Ross Alexander will interpret a sound piece that he developed together with the artist KMRU. This collage is devoted to sounds of rest, recovery and recuperation and explores non-productivity as an act of active resistance.

The broadcast series Intimate Connections engages with music’s capacity to help us cope and develop in manifold ways.
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Bitsy Knox is an artist, poet and radio host based in Berlin, Germany.
Ross Alexander is an artist based in Berlin working in the context of expansive transdisciplinary practice and non-individualist ideals.
Vera Dvale – seamstress of nocturnal synaesthetics, weaver of worlds of spatial immersion – is occasionally producing and releasing music.

Intimate Connections is part of the Resonance Room's programme Berliner Gespräche über mentale Gesundheit. The Resonance Room is part of the group exhibition YOYI! Care, Repair, Heal and collects local experiences and voices on mental health in Berlin.