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Drafts of a Centre

An institution for jazz and improvised music is supposed to be developed in the centre of Berlin (currently earmarked is a part of the building complex of the Alte Münze). The aim is to offer Berlin’s and Germany’s diverse and internationally renowned jazz scene, as well as guests from all over the world, a physical and creative space that will become an anchor for this art form.

Drawing: on the left in front various musical instruments, behind them a stage portal, on the right a hand holding a pencil

Drafts of a Centre

© Lena Gätjens

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Berlin has one of the liveliest and largest jazz and improvisation scenes in Europe, but the city lacks an institutionally supported space. Such a space will act as a focal point, a production and presentation venue, and an international connection point and partner for other European centres such as Bimhuis, Moods, Stadtgarten, Porgy & Bess and BMC. In addition, this new location – a part of the Alte Münze in Berlin-Mitte is currently earmarked for this purpose – should form a platform for exchange between musicians, curators, audiences, educators and journalists.
Dr. Bettina Bohle (project manager), Nikolaus Neuser (German Jazz Union) and Uli Kempendorff (IG Jazz Berlin) from the initiating team will give a short presentation on the most important ideas and visions for the centre, report on the plans for the next few years and answer questions about the project.

A transdisciplinary performance artistically focuses on the themes of planning, design and construction.

Julia Brüssel, Lena Gätjens, Sophia Maria Keßen Concept

Julia Brüssel, Lena Gätjens, Sophia Maria Keßen, Klub Demboh (Mia Dyberg, Anil Eraslan, Carina Khorkhordina, Frauke Nowak, Marie Takahashi) Performance