Revolverkino at the Gropius Bau

The world isn’t a sad place, it’s just big

With “Ordinary People” by Robert Redford and “Hable con ella” by Pedro Almodóvar

Titled after a quote by the late Jean-Luc Godard and inspired by the exhibition YOYI! Care, Repair, Heal, this edition of Revolverkino explores the themes of care, repair and healing in cinema over three consecutive evenings.

Past Dates

Ordinary People (Robert Redford, USA, 1980), English, 18:30

The accidental death of the eldest son puts a middle-class family to the test. When the other son comes home after treatment in a psychiatric hospital, his mother tries to hide her bitterness behind a facade of cheerful business. As we all know, families can hide their problems for a long time – Robert Redford’s directorial debut starts at the very point where hiding becomes impossible.

A film still showing an adult read as male in the background on the left and a younger person read as male in the foreground on the right. The two are talking.

Film still from “Ordinary People”

© Park Circus

Hable con ella (Talk to Her) (Pedro Almodóvar, Spain, 2002), Spanish with German subtitles), 20:30

Dario and Benigno first sit next to each other as strangers in a performance of Pina Bausch’s Café Müller. Months later, they meet again in a private clinic and discover that they both care for women who have ended up in a coma after tragic accidents. An unexpected friendship grows between the men when the strangely childlike Benigno gives the grieving Dario an advice: Talk to her.

A film still showing two people read as female wearing sunglasses. The person on the left is wearing a bandage around her head and has a tracheal cannula. The persons are looking at each other. Behind them are two people pushing the wheelchairs the women are sitting in.

Film still from “Hable con ella”

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