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visions: Live Programme

A keyon gaskin explo(r/it)ation

SERAFINE1369’s programme visions concludes with durational performance works by keyon gaskin and Florence Peake. The intention of the prior weeks of the programme is to invite an arrival at live performance from an embodied perspective, where it is understood that everyone present is implicated.

Multicoloured sticks that are in front of a person. They are held together by blue tape.

Florence Peake, Remake, performer: Rachel Gildea

Photo: Gian Paolo Cottino

Past Dates

visions is a programme of live performance that seeks to encourage an embodied approach to engaging with live work and choreography where all bodies present are implicated and senses beyond visual sight are activated. It is an invitation to be with what is conjured, stirred up and rising to the surface of each of our particular bodies, in relation and response to environment. As such, each offering is somehow immersive. All events are free to attend and happen during regular opening hours of the Gropius Bau.

The scenography, designed by Soft Tissue Studio, subtly morphs with each intervention.

a keyon gaskin explo(r/it)ation

About a keyon gaskin explo(r/it)ation
A durational solo performance by keyon gaskin.

A person is kneeing on the ground with their head tilted back. People are sitting in a circle around the person.

this is an Barbican

photo: Maurizio Martorana