Ears Listening to Feet: Singing to the Other Side

Gathering as part of The Singing Project

Ears Listening to Feet is a series of gatherings curated by Ayumi Paul as part of The Singing Project. By inviting guests from a variety of fields of knowledge, she opens a process of learning from each other that aims to discover new patterns and rhythms between seemingly unrelated areas of research. Each gathering concludes with a sequence of vocal exercises and singing together.

Ayumi Paul

Ayumi Paul, Artist in Residence Room, 2022

© Luis Kuerschner

  • 2 hours
  • In English
  • Adults

Past Dates

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To start with the end as a way to begin – Singing to the other side: Following their gathering in July 2022 Ayumi Paul and Charlotte Wiedemann continue to engage in questions such as how to actively take care of the dead and how rituals of honouring death could be re-enchanted. The conversation will be embedded in practices on how to sing to the other side and a concert performed by Ayumi Paul.

Charlotte Wiedemann is a certified death doula and journalist in the field of death awareness with a focus on death care. With her work for Germany's biggest funeral company Ahorn Gruppe, she hopes to change the way we interact with death and dying, personally and as a society. Wiedeman teaches creative workshops on death practice at universities and has presented her views on funeral culture at events such as re:publica and The Next Web, as well as in magazines such as Numéro and Vogue. Her current projects include a dedicated publication on the business of funerals with brand eins and a quickly growing  TikTok channel on death education.

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