Ears Listening to Feet: The Spirit of Forgiveness

Gathering as part of The Singing Project

Ears Listening to Feet is a series of gatherings curated by Ayumi Paul as part of The Singing Project. By inviting guests from a variety of fields of knowledge, she opens a process of learning from each other that aims to discover new patterns and rhythms between seemingly unrelated areas of research. Each gathering concludes with a sequence of vocal exercises and singing together.

Ayumi Paul

Ayumi Paul, Artist in Residence Room, 2022

© Luis Kürschner

  • 2 hours
  • In English
  • Adults

Past Dates

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Ayumi Paul invites the spirit of forgiveness as another of her most important allies. Through movement and breathing exercises, a dream-like shared space is created in which memories can be rewoven through the voice.

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