Vocal Performance

Grenzraum HÖREN 9

Jakob Ullmann: voice, books and FIRE II / 3

“Grenzraum HÖREN” is a collective study of hearing itself, the limits of hearing and the spaces that are created by extending our notion of what hearing is – those spaces that differentiate between the audible and the inaudible. The programme will engage with the works of two composers in particular: Jakob Ullmann’s “voice, books and FIRE II” and Pauline Oliveros’s “Sonic Meditations”. In rituals, meditations, installations and sonic actions spread across the festival, hearing itself becomes the theme of listening.

Titelblatt, Jakob Ullmann: voice, books and FIRE II / 3

Titelblatt, Jakob Ullmann: voice, books and FIRE II / 3

© Jakob Ullmann

“The border zone between what is audible and inaudible is defined by its dimensions and its potentiality for expansion. It is neither a space with clear boundaries, nor does it accommodate infinite expanses, it is rather an alternative to the hard boundary that distinguishes between here and there. While it feeds off its extremes, it is not a hybrid of both, but a third, fourth, fifth, multiple development from its origins. Differentiation is its end, ambiguity is its potential, overlapping is its habitat. The border zone is characterised by its diffusive nature – the simultaneity of opposites: interior/exterior, open/closed, united/divided, collectively/individually.” – Timo Kreuser / Sophie Emilie Beha

“It is a mysterious place that comes into being when sound, as the underlying structure of all reality, loses the discontinuity of the object. Plato’s story, placed in the mouth of Er, the man from the east who would go on to have an amazing career in the history of music and in the history of philosophy, is an eloquent example of the ability of philosophical reflection on the structure of reality to exert a fascination in such a place that, however strange its content, is derived from the grandeur of the task. Perhaps it is the majestically measured calm in which the heightening of the story aiming for constant, ever new and more far-reaching syntheses ultimately, in the harmony of the spheres in heaven coinciding with hymnody, finds a united story of past, present and future including the human and the mortal, which, regardless of all details that might emerge one way or another at a later date, lends expression to something whole and perfect which centuries closer to us could only articulate as an imperative, the image of a dream or wish or in the form of loss.” – Jakob Ullmann


Sophie Emilie Beha, Elisabeth Corcoran speakers

Timo Kreuser concept, realisation
Sophie Emilie Beha dramaturgy
Goh Lee Kwang electronics
Carlo Grippa sound direction
Peter Weinsheimer, Christoph Binner recordings

Complete Programme of “Grenzraum HÖREN”


Pauline Oliveros (1932–2016)
Sonic Meditations (1971)


Jakob Ullmann (*1958)
voice, books and FIRE II / 2
for voices (and sound processing ad lib.) (1991–1993)

voice, books and FIRE II / 4
for voices (1996–1998)


Jakob Ullmann
voice, books and FIRE II / 1
for voices (1993/1994)


Pauline Oliveros
Sonic Meditations (1971)


Jakob Ullmann
voice, books and FIRE II / 5
for voices (2001/2003)


Jakob Ullmann
voice, books and FIRE II / 3
für Stimmen (und Klangbearbeitung ad lib.) (2004–2019) / for voices (and sound processing ad lib.) (2004–2019)


Jakob Ullmann
voice, books and FIRE II / 3
for voices (and sound processing ad lib.) (2004–2019)

“Grenzraum HÖREN” is a project by Timo Kreuser and Sophie Emilie Beha.

With friendly support of the Studio für Elektroakustische Musik der Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin (STEAM).