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Lim / Chase // Ting // Oliveros / PHØNIX16

The festival day at silent green contains a series of artistic works that examine the interrelationships between music and physicality and between sound and touch – presented in unique encounters, a series of embodied performances, concerts and sonic meditations.

Sex Magic

Sex Magic

© Liza Lim

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Please note: Stroboscopic light effects are used in this event.
We also recommend to use the earplugs provided on site.

Programme booklet 18.03.2023 (, 442 KB)


20:00 Rampe, Performance
Liping Ting (2023)
Echoing Contemporary

“Echoing Contemporary” is a “poésie d‘action”: A breathing labyrinth freely moves in and out of all mirages and disillusions. A long measure of time, seeing, touching, listening and feeling. A corridor of void, a ritual of moving papers. The performance artist Liping Ting works with her own body. Like an extreme athlete, she controls her movements, where every single detail reveals a lot. Before she performs an hour, she would meditate for seven hours, Liping Ting says in an interview. Her actions are very concentrated and decelerated. Breathing sounds and the murmur and whisper of her voice accompany her performances.
With friendly support of the National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan).

20:15 Betonhalle, Concert
Liza Lim (*1966)
Sex Magic (2019/2020)
With Claire Chase
Senem Pirler electronics

Liza Lim’s “Sex Magic” is a ritual for ocarina, contrabass flute, electronics, and percussion. For the composer, it is about “the sacred erotic in women’s history” and “an alternative cultural logic of women’s power as connected to the cycles of the womb – the life-making powers of childbirth, the ‘skin-changing’, world-synchronising temporalities of the body and the womb centre as a site of divinatory wisdom”. The piece refers to several mystic and mythological figures – it ends with tenderness. The score cites the poem “Ulysses” by Alfred Tennyson: “The long day wanes / the slow moon climbs / Come, my friends / Tis not too late to seek a newer world.”

21:30 Betonhalle, Performance
Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016)
Sonic Meditations (1971) as part of Grenzraum HÖREN 8
With PHØNIX16, Timo Kreuser

“While one’s attention is focused to a point on something specific, it is possible to remain aware of one’s surroundings, one’s body, movement of all kinds, and one’s mental activity (in other words remain aware of inner and outer reality simultaneously). Attention is narrow, pointed and selective. Awareness is broad, diffuse and inclusive. Both have a turnable range: attention can be honed to a finer and finer point. Awareness can be expanded until it seems all-inclusive. Attention can intensify awareness. Awareness can support attention. There is attention to awareness; there is awareness of attention.” – Pauline Oliveros

This work is part of the “Grenzraum HÖREN” series, a collective study of hearing itself, the limits of hearing and the spaces that are created by extending our notion of what hearing is – those spaces that differentiate between the audible and the inaudible. The programme will engage with the works of two composers in particular: Jakob Ullmann’s “voice, books and FIRE II” and Pauline Oliveros’s “Sonic Meditations”. In rituals, meditations, installations and sonic actions spread across the festival, hearing itself becomes the theme of listening.
Funded by the Capital Cultural Funds

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