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Grenzraum HÖREN 17

Pauline Oliveros: Sonic Meditations

“Grenzraum HÖREN” is a collective study of hearing itself, the limits of hearing and the spaces that are created by extending our notion of what hearing is – those spaces that differentiate between the audible and the inaudible. The programme will engage with the works of two composers in particular: Jakob Ullmann’s “voice, books and FIRE II” and Pauline Oliveros’s “Sonic Meditations”. In rituals, meditations, installations and sonic actions spread across the festival, hearing itself becomes the theme of listening.

PHØNIX16, Opening MaerzMusik 2021

PHØNIX16, Opening MaerzMusik 2021

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Past Dates


Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016)
Sonic Meditations (1971)


Sonic Meditations I (with II): Teach Yourself to Fly

Studio B & Studio C

Sonic Meditations III (with IV): telepathic transmission / global soloists
8 channel installation (recorded simultaneously by means of telepathic transmission in march 2023)

Sonic Meditation VI: Sonic Rorschach / (audible audible)
Sound Installation


Veronika Böhle, Goh Lee Kwang, Michael Taylor, Timo Kreuser performance Teach yourself to Fly

Marisol Jiménez (CST), Hassan Khan (EEST), Goh Lee Kwang (MST), Timo Kreuser (CET) performance global soloists

Timo Kreuser concept, realisation

Complete Programme of “Grenzraum HÖREN”


Pauline Oliveros (1932–2016)
Sonic Meditations (1971)


Jakob Ullmann (*1958)
voice, books and FIRE II / 2
for voices (and sound processing ad lib.) (1991–1993)

voice, books and FIRE II / 4
for voices (1996–1998)


Jakob Ullmann
voice, books and FIRE II / 1
for voices (1993/1994)


Pauline Oliveros
Sonic Meditations (1971)


Jakob Ullmann
voice, books and FIRE II / 5
for voices (2001/2003)


Jakob Ullmann
voice, books and FIRE II / 3
for voices (and sound processing ad lib.) (2004–2019)