Mariana Sadovska / Christian Thomé / Markus Braun

“Vesna” (Spring) is the name of this project devised by Mariana Sadovska, Christian Thomé and Markus Braun. In their music, Ukrainian singing, archaic sounds and instruments are played in contemporary styles, engaging in a dialogue between past and future, East and West, acoustic instruments and electronic sounds. Questions of origins and identity, freedom and future, of youth, grief, hope and love have always been at the core of these age-old song lyrics. Through the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, they have been introduced into our present times with a new sense of topicality. Rapper Anastasia “CTACIK” Shevchenko enhances the trio as a guest.

The trio "Vesna" (Spring) a project by Mariana Sadovska stands in front of a facade with strong relief. Mariana Sadovska is wearing a leather vest and skirt. She holds her arms crossed. To her right and left, Christian Thomé and Markus Braun lean against the wall in a relaxed posture.

The trio "Vesna" (spring) with Mariana Sadovska Christian Thomé (right) and Markus Braun (left)

© Marcus Lieberenz

  • 90 min
  • Ukranian
  • 16+


Mariana Sadovska vocals, harmonium, keys
Christian Thomé drums, electronics
Markus Braun sound design

This event is part of the festival "Performing Exiles".