Award ceremony
10 Treffen: Network Treffen


goes to Mirjam Stängl

The 3sat-Award for an artistically innovative achievement is awarded as part of the Theatertreffen. This year, it goes to stage designer Mirjam Stängl for her set design for “Zwiegespräch”.

Mirjam Stängl sitting, left hand resting on her left knee

Mirjam Stängl

© Apollonia Theresa Bitzan

  • 20 min
  • In German

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The award ceremony will take place with a live audience following the performance of “Zwiegespräch”.

This event is part of Network Treffen.

Since 1997, 3sat has bestowed the 3sat-Award for an artistically innovative achievement to one or more artists from the circle of the invited ensembles. In 2023, stage designer Mirjam Stängl will be distinguished for her set design for “Zwiegespräch” (director: Rieke Süßkow, Burgtheater, Vienna) . The jury reasons:

“The first entrance in Rieke Süßkow’s staging of Peter Handke’s text “Zwiegespräch” belongs to Mirjam Stängl’s set: With creaking and squeaking, a room-divider that fills the entire space is dragged across the stage at Akademietheater. Five care-givers stride around in a finely tuned choreography, placing green plants into the folds of the divider. A kind of ominous cosiness ensues. Presently, the facilities’ residents are parked next to the plants as love- and carelessly as possible – like human greenery. Mirjam Stängl’s architecture of location unfolds both slowly and impressively in front of everybody’s eyes and establishes a peculiar synergy from the first to the last stage moment. Genteel constraint is not the nature of this set. It joins in the events, intervenes and causes ongoing astonishment.”

The 2023 jury consists of Carolin Hochleichter (member of the new team of Theatertreffen-directors), Petra Paterno (theatre critic and member of the Theatertreffen-jury) and Wolfgang Horn (member of the music and theatre editorial staff of ZDF). The 3sat-Award comes with a prize money of 10,000 Euros.


Mirjam Stängl Set Designer
Natalie Müller-Elmau 3sat Coordinator