Freie Theatergruppe “Elektrolyse”, Berlin

Inspired by Liv Strömquist's comic “The Origin of the World”, the independent theater group Elektrolyse deals in their play “ICH BIN ROT" with the question why menstruation is still a taboo subject in our society.

Six actresses in orange shorts and red tops and red thread accessories on their faces and hair lie huddled together, eyes closed, on a stage.


© Robert Lindner

  • 50 min, no interval

Past Dates

The production in the media library as a  video on demand until 30 May 2024

The ten actresses of Elektrolyse speak on stage without shame about taboo subjects such as menstruation or the female sex and bring up how uncomfortable women sometimes feel in their bodies and how this feeling can influence their self-image. The play is for everyone who is tired of feeling ashamed and tired of blushing. It is meant to give security, to give courage and also to provoke a little bit.

By and with

Frida Schmuck, Kunigunde Kuhl, Pia Raufeisen, Pauline Malkowski, Antonie Beckmann, Emma Jörgeling, Lene Wollwerth

Lene Wollwerth, Emma Jörgeling Direction and Dramaturgy
Carlotta Sommerfeldt Assistant
Sina Reiner, Eli Höll Costume, Make-Up

Research material:
Der Urprung der Welt - Liv Stömquist
Ein offenes Buch - Lara Ermer
milk and honey - Rupi Kaur
(Single sentences were taken from these books, most of the text is written by the authors).